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This Week We highlight the LA based performance artist EJ Hill.
Hill's art draws on his own experiences in life and how his body functions as a site for dialogue and art. For the photo shoot, EJ chose Loyola High School in LA, and all male Jesuit school. EJ recalled the site as a place he felt isolated from his classmates because of his identity. A site for oppression became a site for reclamation as he stood on the grounds again as an intersectional feminist queer man of color practicing self love.

This gesture referenced a performance of his where he tied a jump rope to a fence in Commonwealth & Council's gallery in Koreatown. "The Fence Mechanism" recalled a time in his childhood when the genders around him became expressively apparent. Experiencing a feeling of solitude, he would tie a jumprope to a fence to play. EJ reenacted this action for roughly two hours before collapsing, his audience rushing to his side. As a recent KCET article on Hill so articulately states, "His performances invite the viewer into an emotional, painful, yet ultimately fulfilling experience that is an open, honest, and highly personal investigation into the cultural and social implications of his body as art."

You can see more of EJ's work at: http://www.ejhill.info

And follow his tumblr at: http://ejhill.tumblr.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iheartbeuys
Instagram: https://instagram.com/iheartbeuys/